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Mason Foster: Interview, Part 2

Jenna Laine: OK, Mason, so you’ve Mavericks Jason Kidd Swingman Jersey chosen to stay in Seattle and train at your alma mater, the University of Washington. How is that going?

Mason Foster: "I'm working Mavericks Jason Kidd Authentic Jersey out Jason Kidd White Jersey here at the school with our strength coach, (Ivan Lewis). He has a great program. Me and a couple of other guys that went through the draft process, same Official Jason Kidd Jersey class so we all went through it together –- [safety] Nate Williams, Victor Aiyewa, another linebacker, Austin Sylvester, also a couple of guys who didn't get drafted but are working hard and now they’re free agents.

“There’s about five or six of us. We’re running, lifting, everything. A lot of competitive stuff out there. We're all ready to go ... when the lockout is lifted, I’m going to be ready to go, and be in the best shape of my life. I'm going to be ready to go down to Tampa and play right away.”

Laine: So you feel like this competitive environment has helped keep you in ‘football- playing shape’?

Foster: "We’re competing. We’re running, sprinting, doing Swingman Dirk Nowitzki Blue Jersey drills -– doing linebacker drills every day with Coach Ivan. I feel like I'm in really good shape. Just to get out and do drills with guys one-on-one, with Swingman Dirk Nowitzki Green Jersey everybody who's up here. That’s one of the things we harp on is doing football stuff –- staying in Swingman Dirk Nowitzki Sky Blue Jersey ‘football shape,’ running around, competing, racing -– so I feel like I’m Swingman Dirk Nowitzki White Jersey in great shape. I feel great right now. I'm ready to go."

Laine: So what’s a typical day like, then, for Mason Foster? As far as training, the hours that you're putting in between weights and your skill-type stuff?

Foster: "Your typical day ... I get up early in the morning around 7 or 8. Go down, go on the field first. We stretch, warmup, do our bags, do our ladders, do our competitive cone drills – Authentic Jason Kidd White Jersey see who Swingman Dirk Nowitzki Red Jersey wins those. Every day we keep Authentic Jason Kidd Green Jersey track of who’s winning. [We] come in, then, and have a big lift[ing] workout with Coach Ivan. Afterwards, we go back out with Coach Ivan again and do some more drills and conditioning. And that ends our first round.”

Laine: (Wait, there’s more?!)

Foster: "Then I come back around at 4 or 4:30 and do position-specific drills – between safety and linebacker drills to kind of get my feet right. And that’s usually when I do the one-on-ones. After Jason Kidd Sky Blue Jersey that it’s recovery, stretching, going to treatment, sitting in the cold tub. That’s one of my Authentic Jason Kidd Sky Blue Jersey typical days. It’s a lot of Jason Kidd Blue Jersey work, but Authentic Jason Kidd Blue Jersey at the same time I want to be in the best shape ever when Jason Kidd Green Jersey I go down to Tampa, when this lockout is lifted.”

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